EDGI innovations EDGI innovations

The EDGI infrastructure contains several technical innovations, including:

  • 3G Bridge that connects all Grids together. The Bridges implemented in the infrastructure allows job submission in one Grid, and job execution in another. Measurments show that the Bridge  has a low latency compared to the actual scheduling in Grids themselves. The Bridge respects and implements the security models of the different Grids.
  • Connectors exist for BOINC, XtremWeb based Desktop Grids, and gLite, KnowARC, and Unicore absed Grids. Connectors to other Grids are supported by the siste project DEGISCO.
  • A Cloud baseds SLA system, SpeQulos, that considerably speeds up the execution of the last jobs in a large bag-of-task application
  • A distributed filesystem that supports Desktop Grid applications called Attics.