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Register for 14th IDGF tutorial at Johannes Gutenberg Universität in Mainz

Desktop Grid resources can now be officially accessed as part of the German D-Grid infrastructure through UNICORE interfaces.  The European Desktop Grid Initiative EDGI will therefore organize a two days’ workshop from March 1st to March 2nd at the Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz to give an introduction on how to build up Desktop Grids and how to port applications to be used in Desktop Grids.

Outline of the programme:
Day 1 - 1st March:
- An introduction to Desktop Grids, EDGI and IDGF - presentation
- A general introduction to BOINC - presentation
- Installation of a BOINC server/client - hands-on
- Application porting to BOINC (methodology, DCI API, GenWrapper) - presentation
- Porting applications with GenWrapper - hands-on
Day 2 - 2nd March:
- Porting applications with GenWrapper cont. - questions, answers - hands-on
- User interfaces (portals and command-line options)
- The EDGI infrastructure, bridging from g-Lite/UNICORE to BOINC - presentation
- Team work, consultancy - discussing and analyzing migration options of candidate applications - hands-on
Attendance at the workshop is free, but the number of attendees is limited to 30 people.

You can register for this workshop at http://desktopgridfederation.org/registration13


EDGI will develop middleware that consolidates the results achieved in the EDGeS project concerning the extension of Service Grids with Desktop Grids (DGs) in order to support European Grid Initiative (EGI) and National Grid Initiative user communities that are heavy users of Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCIs) and require an extremely large number of CPUs and cores. EDGI will go beyond existing DCIs that are typically cluster Grids and supercomputer Grids, and will extend them with public and institutional Desktop Grids and Clouds. EDGI will integrate software components of ARC, gLite, Unicore, BOINC, XWHEP, 3G Bridge, and Cloud middleware such as OpenNebula and Eucalyptus into SG-DG-Cloud platforms for service provision and as a result EDGI will extend ARC, gLite and Unicore Grids with volunteer and institutional DG systems.

EDGI will develop DG-Cloud bridge middleware with the goal to get instantly available additional resources for DG systems if the application has some QoS requirements that could not be satisfied by the available resources of the DG system. EDGI will improve Desktop Grid middleware (BOINC and XtremWebHEP-E) in order to handle QoS requirements and the SG-DG bridge middleware in order to support data-intensive applications. EDGI will deploy a production infrastructure that integrates ARC-, gLite- and Unicore-based Grids with Desktop Grids based on the bridge middleware developed in EDGI.

The production EDGI infrastructure will also enable the dynamic, on-demand extensions of the connected Desktop Grids with Cloud resources. As such EDGI users can benefit of the versatile and flexible eco-system provided by EDGI. The EDGI production infrastructure will be offered as service for EGI and NGI user communities. It will also serve as a demonstration for NGIs to extend their eco-system with Desktop Grids and Clouds. EDGI will establish a European Desktop Grid federation to coordinate DG-related activities in Europe both for solving technical issues as well as to attract volunteer DG resource donors by disseminating results of the EDGI and EGI-related projects. The European Grid Federation and EDGI will work in strong collaboration with EGI, EMI, NorduGrid, Unicore Forum and interested NGIs.

International Desktop Grid Federation International Desktop Grid Federation

EDGI supports the http://desktopgridfederation.org/. The International Desktop Grid Federation brings together Desktop Grid operators, developers, organisations and companies working with Desktop Grids and intergration with other infrastructures through EDGeS Bridge Technology.

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EDGI is a project managed by the EDGI consortium.

EDGI is supported by the FP7 Capacities Programme under grant agreement nr RI-261556.


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