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Tamas Kiss to present at Biobytes Workshop, a molecular modelling event for bio-scientists

In London, the Biobytes Workshop is taking place June 19-21, 2012. This workshop is a collaboration between the School of Life Sciences and the Centre for Parallel Computing at the University of Westminster. The programme features Tamas Kiss who is giving a presentation on "easy to use molecular docking solutions on grid and cloud computing resources". This presentation will introduce how bio-scientist researchers who are interested in running large scale molecular docking experiments can access various grid and cloud computing resources from user friendly interfaces. Pre-defined molecular docking scenarios including random docking and virtual screening experiments can be executed from convenient portal or desktop based interfaces. The simulations utilise either desktop computers coming from private or public desktop grids, or cloud computing resources based on Microsoft Azure technology. The presentation will be followed by live demonstrations and hands on tutorials where participants can try and experience the solutions themselves. The presented platforms have been developed in the framework of two collaborating European projects, EDGI and Venus-C. More information on the workshop is available at