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Status of inbound traffic Status of inbound traffic

The following diagrams show the traffic among the service grid and desktop grid sites. For computing elements outgoing traffic is shown, for desktop grid sites incoming traffic is shown. These diagrams intend to give the visitor a quick overview, for more detailed diagrams, please select the "Global Status of the Infrastructure" submenu.

Please, note that the accumulated number of outgoing jobs of the various service grid CEs are not necessarily equivalent to the accumulated number of incoming jobs due to the fact that Desktop Grids are fed by other submission components as well. Moreover, the number of incoming jobs of a DG is only a portion of the overall number of jobs a given Desktop Grid is handling, since WUs are created on the DG site without the EDGI bridge technology, too.

Desktop Grids Desktop Grids

EDGeS@Home BOINC based volunteer desktop grid

SZTAKI BOINC based volunteer desktop grid

Westminster BOINC based campus desktop grid

EDGI Demo BOINC based private desktop grid (for demonstration purposes)

AlmereGrid BOINC based volunteer desktop grid

Service Grids Service Grids

EDGI Production CREAM Computing Element (

Clouds Clouds

CICA cloud support for EDGeS@home

SZTAKI cloud support for EDGeS@home

UoW cloud support for EDGeS@home