Donating unused computing time to science Donating unused computing time to science

Did you know that on average less than 5% of  your computertime is used? Even if you have your computer turned on and are doing some work like word processing or browsing the Internet. Instead of letting all this computing time unused, you can donate it to science. There are many scientists that can use your computing time to do research for medical appliactions, or environemental programmes.

If you want to donate your unused computing time to science, you can join one of the  Grids that are connected to EDGI. This way you know the scientific quality of the applications from which you can choose is good, and thus you are really helping advancing science.

You can find a list of Volunteer Deaktop Grids under the heading  "Description".

You can join one of these Grids even if you are not located in the country. Using a Desktop Grid in your country offer sthe advantage that they not only provide information in English, but also in a local language.