Connect your Virtual Organisation (VO) Connect your Virtual Organisation (VO)

Virtual Organisation resources can be extended with Desktop Grids, which can add considerable amounts of resources. It can be local Desktop Grids (that you can set-up in your members' institutions) or public volunteer desktop Grids.

Virtual organisations can be gLite, Arc or Unicore based.

Benefits and Experiences:

Virtual Organisations are supported from now on with new computational resources. One of the goals for EDGI is the development and maintenance of an integrated infrastructure where a gLite VO can utilise resources coming from a BOINC based desktop grid system. As a result, EDGI is offering new desktop grid resources for VO users through the EDGeS@home volunteer boinc project where currently more than 20.000 volunteer (not dedicated) resources are ready to process jobs.

In order to access the infrastructure mentioned above, EDGI enabled the EDGI gLite CREAM computing element to support VOs. This is a closed CE prepared to run a general virtual framework (gbac) that enables the execution of any application on a BOINC resource. The EDGI infrastructure provides access to the EDGeS@home volunteer resources.

Description on submitting jobs to EDGeS@home can be found at

More information is available in the technical documentation.